DTU HackerLab

DTU is dedicated to educate the next generation of engineers in the field of Cybersecurity. With the progression of smart living it is important that the apparatuses and the data that they collect are secured to protect the users’ privacy and security. Therefore, the Cybersecurity section at DTU compute has launched HackerLab.

HackerLab is laboratory facility located as room 233 on the second floor in building 322 DTU Lyngby. The HackerLab offers an assortment of equipment dedicated to penetration testing in the form of hacker tools and a space for peers to exchange ideas about cybersecurity. Furthermore, HackerLab provide a selection of commercial technology, networks and cases that aspiring ethical hackers and security experts can try experimenting with. The daily operator at HackerLab is also available for assistance in any experiments that works towards improving the cybersecurity in an increasingly technologically advanced world.

We urge users of the HackerLab and interested parts to check out the current cases site under this HackerLab site. For users of the Lab, we also suggest you check out our Slack page to check out news, questions and discussions from us the operators and your fellow peers. Additionally, there is also a DTU Hacker Club known as PF InfoSec found on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DTUinfosec/ .

Regarding questions and queries about HackerLab, please contact the daily operator of HackerLab: